Welcome Cannabis! You are becoming a remedy.

Doctors can finally prescribe cannabis, without a permit and the unnecessary bureaucracy. The National Council has amended the law, facilitating the medical use of cannabis.

Today, Tuesday December 8th, 2020 was a big day in the Federal Parliament. The health commission provided a request which was approved by the large chamber with 143 to 33 with 15 abstentions. Last milestone to be achieved is convincing the second parliamentary chamber. With that, patients will finally be able to benefit from the medical effects of cannabis and its products.

Another positive note was that the minority request brought forward by the SVP (Swiss People’s Party) was rejected, banning doctors from prescribing cannabis by smoking its flowers. Definitely the write move from our perspective.

However, we were sorry to hear, that private cultivation at home will not be permitted.

All in all, Switzerland has yet again made huge progress on developing a regulated cannabis market and the Pure Group welcomes every step in this direction. The many benefits the cannabis plant entails should and will be provided to the entire population and we will do anything in our power to support every step of the way.

Congratulations Switzerland!