Pure Quality

Quality is more than a commitment - It’s in our DNA. Pure combines Swiss quality and cannabis experience with state-of-the-art technologies, improving cannabis with every step we take.


Striving for Qualtiy Products

Quality is a high priority at Pure and is continuously monitored. So that you can rely on the safety of your product, we offer access to information about ingredients, processes & Co. with our analysis platform. Our PhD analysts are jointly responsible for the quality control of your product. For each batch, they ensure that the products contain the exact cannabinoid content as described. To perform this task with the highest precision and reliability, we have chosen state-of-the-art technology: Liquid Chromatography. While this technology makes the analysis more expensive, it offers more accurate measurement results than more traditional technologies - especially in terms of THC content. This way we guarantee that you have a safe and high quality product in your hands. The LOT number on the packaging allows you to track which and how many cannabinoids are in your product.

Compliance and Standards

Setting Industry Standards

With our Quality Management we ensure that within the company all processes, employees and products comply with the given quality standards and define new representative quality standards for the cannabis industry. Know-how, experience and a high demand for internal and external quality make Pure an innovator in the market. We analyze cannabinoids and terpene profiles, have analyses of mycotoxins, pesticides and heavy metals performed by external certified laboratories, control each product and follow its path, create release documents and certificates of analysis, safety and specification sheets and much more. We are ISO, GACP and SCC certified and place great emphasis on clean documentation. Our team is excellently trained and very experienced. This is how we set new standards in the industry.


Continous Improvement

A quality inspection requires good planning and proper execution. This is the only way to ensure that the set standards are achieved. Whether reviewing internal quality standards and ensuring them, controlling or audits: At Pure, these important tasks are managed from the outside. An external, independent employee takes care of exactly this at Pure and brings a welcome outside perspective to the company. In this way, processes can be continuously improved.

Swiss Advantage

Switzerland is renowned for its quality and attention to detail. It is generally known as a hub for various industries (finance, education, research & legal). This continuously attracts highly educated individuals from around the world, providing Pure Holding with the opportunity to select the best of the best to be a part of our journey. Moreover, Switzerland has one of the most mature hemp markets in the world. The “Swiss Hemp Bill of 2011” was a visionary move that facilitated legal investments and innovation into the hemp industry before any other country in the world. That's why Switzerland's innovation, knowledge, genetics, and technologies in the cannabis field are years ahead of any other country.

Pure Holding Infographic - Swiss Advantage Map


Pure Holding operates with an integrated management system (quality management, hygiene, occupational safety). The entire system is based on ISO9001, GDP and GACP and is checked and monitored by internal audits.



In 2021

Certification for
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SWISO - ISO 9001

February 2021

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Good Distribution Practice

Good Distribution Practice

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