Our Company

Pure Production AG is the foundation of today’s Pure Holding AG. It’s what started this success story and initiated the very first public cannabis experience farm in Zeiningen, Switzerland.

Pure Production AG

Pure Production AG was founded in December 2016 and is the foundation of the current holding structure. While it was initially only active in the cultivation of flowers, it has developed steadily since and is now specialized in the production, processing and distribution of cannabis products. With its tobacco substitutes; Swiss Weeds, Einhorn, Edelwiis and Alpenzwerg, Pure Production AG is the market leader in Switzerland and is represented in over 4’000 point of sales of various renowned retail partners. Internationally its tobacco substitutes are available in Benelux countries.

Pure Production AG set new standards in the outdoor season of 2019 with the largest CBD outdoor cultivation in Europe. In cooperation with 25 farmers, about 750’000 cannabis plants were cultivated on 75 hectares in Aargau, Switzerland. The harvest resulted in 225 tons of biomass, which was processed into various products by its in-house extraction laboratory.

Thanks to its incredibly large production volume and worldwide distribution network, Pure Production AG is also active in the cannabis raw material trade and is one of the leading companies in Europe. The product range includes flowers, various isolates, distillates, oils, cosmetics, and much more.
In addition, Pure Production AG offers its entire product range as White label products, resulting in customers receiving products with their personal branding.

The team of qualified employees is happy to advise in the development of individual product lines. Our scientific product development department has already supported a wide range of companies from various industries in the optimal product formulation and development.

Purpose and Contribution

Our purpose is to bring out the full potential of the cannabis plant.

Our aim is to ensure the vast advantages of cannabis are available to all; breeders, cultivators, pharma and consumers alike with the goal of bringing cannabis to all in need and want. We invest and innovate to transform the way cannabis is cultivated and processed, while bringing about positive, lasting change in agriculture.

Corporate Governance

Pure Holding's corporate governance is organized to enable all its efforts in creating and maintaining sustainable value for all stakeholders. Pure Holding's board of directors' focus is the corporate governance framework, by which it consistently strives to improve and implement best practice standards.


We play a vital role on how cannabis will be perceived in the future. Our team will contribute and reshape the concept of cannabis in the industry. We will continue to impact regulatory, political, economic and scientific change, all while providing the innovation for cannabis going forward.